Kaleidescape Movie Store opens with Warner and UltraViolet, promises Bluray quality and extras

We got a peek at Kaleidescape’s digital delivery plans at CEDIA earlier this year, but now it’s thrown open the doors of its store, letting users of its systems purchase and download movies, no messy (and lawsuit-entangled) disc changers necessary. The Kaleidescape Store is currently offering movies by Warner (around 3,000 films and 8,000 TV episodes), and befitting its high-end stature, it’s bring a little extra over many other offerings. According to the company it’s secured an agreement guaranteeing all the extra content from the retail discs are available too, and with video and audio quality “equal to Blu-ray Disc and DVD” at 24fps 1080p, and with Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD MA lossless audio soundtracks.

Additionally, it’s included UltraViolet access for most titles purchased in the store, with plans to provide a disc-to-digital conversion service in the future. Currently, all content in the store is standard definition, but HD is apparently on the way in early 2013. Owners of the systems will need the latest kOS 5.0 update to access the store, where movies are priced similarly to other digital movie stores. Check out a press release and demo video after the break, or check the link below for some hands-on impressions and access to the store itself.

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