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Some days you’re on call for weekend news duty and it’s pretty boring and you get tired of just sitting around waiting for something to happen and then this happens. And other times, you’re just sort of hanging out and watching Twitter and HOLY SHIT IS THAT KEVIN ROSE TOSSING A RACCOON?

Why yes, yes it is.

The epic raccoon toss came after Rose heard his dog Toaster “crying and yelping in pain” around 1:00 a.m., leading the Google Ventures general partner to come to the dog’s aid. Rose broke up the fight by picking the offending raccoon up by the sides and HURLING IT DOWN A SET OF STAIRS LIKE A BAWS.

Seriously, the Internet hasn’t seen a raccoon so thoroughly PWNED since this image:

Animal violence critics should note that the toss was in self defense (or rather, the defense of Rose’s best friend). That said, as some YouTube commenters have noted, it’s not clear who started the fight. I mean, the raccoon could have just been minding his own business before Toaster attacked him, for all we know.

Wear a mask and you instantly get painted as a criminal—
Kevin Rose's Raccoon (@TossedRacoon) July 20, 2013

Anyway, Toaster is apparently “ok, but has some minor claw and bite marks,” according to Rose’s video. The entire Internet, meanwhile, is urging Rose to take Toaster to the vet today to get a rabies shot.

We’ve reached out for comment and will follow up with any additional details if Rose responds. In the meantime, this:

Founders – all VCs claim they have your back, but only Kevin Rose will wrestle a racoon for you.—
Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans) July 20, 2013

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